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Fort Worth Clear Pool Service is your source for local dependable pool service in Fort Worth Texas. Finding a pool company in the Fort Worth, TX area that cares more about customer satisfaction than we do would be difficult. We want to be the best in the city that's why we created our pool service guarantee. Our company is family run serving Fort Worth Texas with dozens of years of swimming pool industry experience. We are in business to protect your investment in your swimming pool, save you time, and create a healthy backyard place for you and loved ones. Our passion is to give all pool owners a beautiful, healthy pool free from stress and service headaches.

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Select from 2 Pool Service Plans Expertly Crafted for Fort Worth Pools

* Our Beginning at Price   ( Monthly service fee based on a 4 week billing period )

For customers who have a spa attached to your inground pool, all pool service prices calculated will include your spa and this can adjust the total monthly pricing.

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Our Fort Worth local technicians use pool products, equipment, parts and supplies from top brands like Jandy, Hayward, Polaris and Pentair.

Supporting Fort Worth Pools in 23 Service Points

Want to know the technical details of our professional pool service plans? This diagnostic checklist is the cumulation of decades of industry experience.

Your Water Balance & Swimming Pool Chemicals
  1. Salt Content - maintained on saltwater pools
  2. Chloramines - retain
  3. Chlorine - retain Disinfect the pool water.
  4. Water Temperature Check - evaluate We check the temperature for accurate pH factor calculations.
  5. Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer / Conditioner) - evaluate Check for just the right amount.
  6. Saturation Index (Calcium Precipitation Point) - evaluate
  7. Calcium Hardness - evaluate
  8. pH Factor - retain Balancing acidic vs basic water.
  9. TA (Total Alkalinity) - retain
  10. Total Dissolved Solids - evaluate
  11. Total Chlorine (includes chloramines) - retain

Pool Equipment Checks
  1. Valves monitored Inspected and adjusted for best pool circulation.
  2. Pump strainer baskets emptied and inspected
  3. Backwashing your filter - sand filters weekly, DE filters monthly
  4. Swimming Pool Sweep
  5. Skimmer baskets emptied and inspected
  6. Swimming Pool Sweep: operation inspection
  7. Swimming Pool Sweep debris bags emptied and inspected

Pool Service
  1. Brush walls and steps
  2. Hose Vacuum *
  3. Netting of the pool (surface & bottom) *
  4. Brush spa
  5. Leaf Vacuum *

* Signature Pool Service Plan Only

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All Pool Plans Backed by our Service Guarantee

The peace of mind of every Fort Worth pool owner is important to us. See Details »

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Areas we Service

We run our weekly pool service routes to homes and residences in most suburban branches of Fort Worth and also in the major metro and urban areas. Partial list of zips: 76137, 76133, 76179, 76116, 76119, 76112, 76108, 76106, 76110, 76123, 76131, 76140, 76107, 76114, 76132, 76134, 76148, 76105, 76109 and 76111. So we provide pool service to virtually all Fort Worth residents. Contact us to confirm availability at your location.

Pool Partners

We trust that customer recommendations are the gold standard of marketing. So we also like to refer people to up and coming companies in our industry that we know do awesome work, like Deluxe Pool Care of Celebration in Celebration, FL.

A Little about our City of Fort Worth

As [companyName], we wake up every day excited to serve homeowners here in dynamic Fort Worth, Texas. We're not just your friendly neighborhood electricians, we're fellow residents, and we love our city just as much as we love a good wiring job! Located in [Tarrant County, Texas], Fort Worth is a city that's truly electrifying, and not just because of the surge of projects that keep our hands full. Known as "Where the West Begins," our city is a perfect blend of urban sophistication and cowboy swagger. We have a rich heritage that's as solidly grounded as a three-pronged outlet, and a future that's as bright as a newly installed LED bulb. Homeownership here is more than just a dream; it's a lifestyle. From modern condos downtown to sprawling ranch-style homes in the suburbs, there's a place for everyone in Fort Worth. And as electricians, we're always ready to help you light up your life in your new home. Part of what makes Fort Worth such an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family are the incredible landmarks and attractions. We love serving residents near the stunning Fort Worth Zoo, the thought-provoking Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. These places not only keep our children entertained but also provide a rich cultural experience. The city's vibrant art and music scene is another reason we love working here. Between the sounds of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and the unique pieces found at the Kimbell Art Museum, there's always something to stir the senses. And let's not forget the world-class education and research institutions like Texas Christian University keeping our city on the cutting edge. Our close neighbors, [Arlington, TX] and [Weatherford, TX], often look to us with envy because of our city's unique local traditions. The annual Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo brings out the cowboy in everyone, while the MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival showcases the city's creative side. In the great outdoors, Fort Worth offers green spaces galore. So after a day of rewiring homes, you might find us unwinding along the Trinity River or exploring the trails of the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. And let's not forget about our emergency services. When a Fort Worth resident is in the dark due to an electrical issue, we at [companyName] jump into action quicker than a lightning bolt. We're always ready to spark a solution, ensuring our city's homes and businesses keep glowing brightly. So here's to Fort Worth, a city that's as full of energy as a fully-charged battery, and a place we're proud to call home.

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We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your swimming pool. Our company stands behind our pool plans with our Pool Service Guarantee.

Send us a message or call us at (817) 500-5033 if you would like to sign up your pool for pool service or get an estimate.

Fort Worth Clear Pool Service stands behind all of our promises and hope for the chance to serve you!